As a result of growing revenues and rising consumer confidence, Oman is highly ranked in comparison to emerging retail sectors worldwide.

ASAAS is focused on developing the retail sector in a way that it can impact the entire supply chain and bring added value to each company linked to the respective project or investment.

ASAAS understands that the retail sector’s untapped potential is a product of modernisation, as well as a distinct change in the ‘way of life’ in modern day Oman, and subsequent demographic characteristics of the nation.

Increased market confidence as a result of unified salary structure

ASAAS is keen to establish a retail group of dynamic regional expansion, with Oman serving as a strategic hub for the processing and handling of goods. The company will utilise local resources in support of the retail supply chain to boost In-Country Value.

Retail Market

Oman’s retail industry has witnessed growth as per the rise in minimum wage and the unification of the salary structure. Subsequently, the sector is enjoying increased consumer spending and market confidence.

The Modern vs Traditional retail format in Oman sits at 26% / 74%, which compared to developed markets like Europe and North America where the split is 80% / 20% represents an attractive opportunity.

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The retail industry boosts in-country value through local resources.