Enriching Life

Muscat National Development and Investment Company (ASAAS) was founded in 2014 through the concerted efforts of ten key government entities.
ASAAS aims to increase the contribution of non-oil and gas sectors by initiating and developing economically sustainable projects to meet the needs of the public and enrich life in Oman.


ASAAS has a diversified development and investment mandate which recognizes sectors of vital importance to the continued progress of the national economy.

Al Khuwair Hotel & Public Park
Institute of Public Administration
Oman Air Crew Reporting Facility
Salam Air
The National Leisure & Tourism Destination



Developing the tourism sector is of great importance to Oman as it diversifies economic revenues.


Identifying opportunities and delivering key projects within the healthcare supply chain.


Oman is highly ranked in comparison to emerging retail sectors worldwide.


Developing a qualified workforce to support the growth of the nation.


Oman’s geostrategic location offers enormous potential for the development of a global logistics hub.


Transportation plays an instrumental role within ASAAS’ tourism development and investment strategies.

ASAAS Intelligence Talk 2017
27th December, Crowne Plaza

CNBC Arabia: Eye on Oman

9.1.2017 · Part 1/3

Sultanate to reduce oil production by 45,000 barrels.

16.1.2017 · Part 2/3

Oman establishes a charter of corporate governance to improve performance.

23.1.2017 · Part 3/3

Telecom companies leading Omani stock market trade.


Latest From ASAAS

ماضون في مسيرة البناء والتطوير
إيمانًا بالله،
حبًّا للوطن،
وولاءً لجلالة للسلطان.


"كل نفسٍ ذائقةُ الموتِ ونبلوكم بالشرِّ والخيرِ فتنةً وإلينا ترجعون"

نحن واقفون هنا يا سيدي صفًّا واحدا، شعبًا أعليتَ شأنه وحفظت له أمنه وأمانه. رحمك الله أبا رحيماً وقائداً ملهماً.

وإنا لله وإنا إليه راجعون.



ASAAS hosted a workshop on economic development and diversification

28.12.2017 Muscat Muscat National Development and Investment Company (ASAAS) hosted its annual knowledge sharing programme “intelligence talk” on “Economic Development…
In Focus

Oman, A Logistics Hub

International airports in Muscat and Salalah recently saw large-scale expansion, alongside a national rail masterplan that continues to make progress as a regionally important infrastructural development.